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Women's Champions League
FCZ - Olympique Lyonnais

Our current English topic is sports and more specifically Female Soccer. So it was very fitting that we were able to watch the Women's Champions League match between FCZ and Olympique Lyonnais at the Letzigrund.

We met at 6:30 pm at Hubertus. Then we walked to the Letzigrund together. Right away we got to our seats, we could sit wherever we wanted. Then the match started. I sat next to Luisa and Hanna. In the beginning it was very interesting to see how they played. But after a while it got frustrating, because the women from Lyonnais kept scoring goal after goal. I mostly stopped watching. Whenever the FCZ players got near the French goal, everybody got really nervous and hopeful, but it never happened. During the break I went to the chips stall and bought a little snack. By this time it wasn’t interesting anymore, because the French women kept leading. When the game was over, we met again outside the stadium. We said goodbye to our teachers. I talked with Luisa and Hanna for a while and then we all walked home. (Jasmine)

The two teams were the FCZ women and Olympique Lyonnais Féminin. Our women lost 9:0, it was a disaster, but I still had fun. I sat next to Cagri, Moritz and Mirco. Cagri and I tried to film a goal. Cagri was finally successful on his smartphone. I didn’t see it because when he was filming it, I was on the way to buy my dinner. I came back and he told me that he’d done it and I was frustrated because it was already the 80th minute and no more goals happened. (Noël)

It was very cold and it had even started to rain. The stadium wasn’t full, they’d only opened one sector. The match was very boring, the French team was much better. But the evening was really funny anyway. The highlight of the evening was the ninth goal. But I think it wasn’t really the goalkeeper’s fault, the whole Lyonnais team were really strong. (Emanuel)

On Wednesday evening our class watched the Champions League soccer match between FC Zürich and Olympique Lyonnais. We met at Hubertus and then we walked to the stadium together. The weather was very bad, it was cold and wet. The game was a bit boring, because the French women won 9:0. Nevertheless it was a nice experience, because I sat in the first row together with Hanna and Jasmine. It was my first female soccer game at the Letzigrund. During the break we ate a snack. (Luisa)

The match was very interesting. During the first few minutes, there was an accident. A woman from the FCZ was hurt. After about ten minutes, the French team scored the first goal. At half time they were leading 4:0 and at the end of the game they’d won 9:0. The FCZ had no chance against Olympique Lyonnais. (Melvin)

It was very nice to watch the match between FCZ and Olympique Lyonnais. The women of FCZ lost the match badly, but I am still glad that our teacher organised this trip. It was very funny when it started to rain, because Adiba had brought her umbrella along to the game which made us all laugh really hard. I was quite cold but it was only really bad in the beginning. (Martina)

The match started at seven o’clock. I sat next to Moritz, Cagri and Noël. It was cold at the Letzigrund. At the 18th minutes the first goal happened for Olympique Lyonnais. By the end of the game they won 9:0. The first twenty minutes were exciting, then it was hopeless, because the French kept scoring. (Mirco)

The FCZ had lost the first leg of this Championsleague match 0:8 in Lyon last week, so we didn’t have a lot of hope for Wednesday’s match. Still we thought it would get better than in France. The FCZ tried to play offensively but it was hard. The French women were stronger and they scored a lot of goals. Our women weren’t in a very good condition and they got more and more tired. By the end of the game they’d lost again, this time 0:9. (Moritz)

It was very cold at the stadium. The match was very interesting because Olympique Lyonnais scored nine times. The food at the stadium was expensive and a weird woman ate one of my fries. The area where we sat was full with little kids who screamed „FCZ, FCZ“. The highlight of the match was a dispute between Leon and a little boy. Both of them supported their teams, but the little boy won because he had a dangerous shawl which he used to hit Leon. (Justin)

It was a cold Wednesday as we walked to the stadium together. It took us about ten minutes to get there. We all found a seat and then we waited for the game to start. After seventeen minutes Olympic Lyonnais scored for the first time. At half time it was already 4:0 for the French women. We were hungry so we went to get some food. At the end of the game it was 9:0. I’d hoped for 10:0 because that would have been cool, but it didn’t happen. I had a lot of fun and I liked being there. (Cagri)